Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller Was Here!
America's Premier Chef brought a new level of cuisine to members in the 1970's.

Born at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, to Edward and Betty Keller, a Marine drill instructor and a restaurateur respectively, Thomas was the youngest of five boys.  The family moved east and settled in Palm Beach, Florida, where his mother, Betty Keller, became the Manager of the Palm Beach Yacht Club.

n his teenage summers and after school, the young Tom Keller worked at the Yacht Club, starting as a dishwasher and quickly moving up to cook.  It was here he discovered his passion for cooking and 'perfection in a hollandaise sauce'.  Member Patricia Dehon remembers "Tommy" traveling to France to intern in fine French Restaurants under the tutelage of renowned chefs where he found the training and challenge he needed to make his own way.  Coming back to Florida from time to time, Thomas picked up some kitchen shifts for his Mom at the Club and Patricia said the food was so superb no one could believe it!  Alas, he was anxious to move out on his own and try his hand as an entrepreneur.  He soon left for New York  and began his meteoric career to what many now consider him to be the "Best Chef in America". 

Clearly Thomas Keller set the standard for the renowned food and service at the Palm Beach Yacht Club, now provided by our fantastic Executive Chef Bill Somers.  

Thomas Keller-Yacht Club Appearance & Book signing November 23, 2011

(L to R) Maitre d' Paul Frassetto, Executive Chef Bill Somers, Thomas Keller,
Sous Chef Manny Fundora, General Manager Elaine Ragon, and
Club Operations Manager Michael Nadeau

Executive Chef Bill Somers
with Chef Keller

A beautiful, flowing autograph!

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